web 2.0 and me

 Perspectives on Learning: Leveraging the Potential of a hyper-connected world


On Monday 23rd  I attended a SLAV conference entitled Perspectives on Learning featuring Will Richardson from the United States.


Will is a leading educator in the understanding and implementation of Web 2.0 strategies in schools. He argues that ‘Learning in the 21st century is all about networks and the connections we can make to other learners and teachers both in our communities and around the globe. But being literate in this new learning environment requires more than knowing how to read and write, it requires us to edit, publish, collaborate, create and connect in the process of building our own personal learning spaces’


Inspired by Will I decided to blog and work with the teachers at my school and make them aware of Web 2.0 and its potential for learning.  This blog will be about how one teacher librarian raises awareness within his school

I have started a Library Web 2.0 Wiki page on the School Portal where I will explore some of the issues, tools and personalities raised by him in his keynote address and in his featured workshop on Podcast, Vodcast, Screencast, LiveStream nation.




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