an old dog learns new tricks

While wittering about on twitter i found this link which i will place on my wiki tomorrow for the teachers.  It is …A teacher’s guide to twitter

We are a school which is trying to involve teachers more in our portal and the tools that are available.  At present our wiki is within the portal only not an open wiki.  It is going to be hard work.  As TL I can involve myself in online learning – while my boss has to do all the admin LOL.  She is very supportive and is on the Teaching and Learning Group at school we work well together.  I am on the Web 2.0 group with the IT manager.  Between us we will move the school forward. 

One thing that I figured out after listening to will richards was that i was directing students and teachers to static sites and that I needed to encourage them to take a collabertive (sp) approach to learning and information.

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