issues and twitter

I found this link on Twitter last night which i have added to my wiki for the teachers it is gold and i will use these

  • Directories (these are education- and elearning-specific): Jane Hart’s List of over 700 “Learning Professionals on Twitter, A community-kept google spreadsheet of educators (I wish I could remember who set it up – go ahead and add yourself!), Twitter for Teachers wiki
  • Twitter Groups: Edubloggers & Teachers
  • to use to get some more contacts.

    At present the Yr 12 girls are doing issues in VCE english.  Tricia and myself are working with the classes and introducing The Age digital edition, Echo Online and Electric Library.  We are also encouraging them to use Click View and incorperate film clips into their presentations.  For my international audience ROFL The Age is Melbourne’s quality newspaper

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