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wikid reading

is the title of the Library book wiki. Tricia the head of library and myself have been working with Year 7 and 8 English classes to introduce them to the wiki and encourage them to write one review in their reading class. Tricia has been challenged by working out how the wiki works – we seemed to be losing the reviews. However Tricia sorted it out over the weekend and we have located our reviews and they are all now on the library page. The girls seem to have enjoyed the experience of writing their reviews and comparing them to other reviews of the same titles. I have enjoyed working with the girls and discussing the books they have been reading while we have been working on the wiki.

With the year 7 girls instead of talking about the books that are new, recommended etc I have been telling them the story of ‘The society of S’ a vampire novel that I just read and enjoyed. so my library lessons have started ‘once upon a time’. I have to say that the year 7s were sucked in and would run to reserve the title. I thought that I would try the same with the year 8s. No way did this approach work with them, luckily we have been concentrating on the wiki instead

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