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This blog largely reflects what I am exploring with my teaching colleagues on the closed staff wiki. My main purpose to this point is to help them understand the concepts and the tools of web2.0 and to a greater understanding of how we can use social networking in education.

I met today with Andrew one of the younger and newer teachers at the school who like me put in the hard yards teaching in inner London. He is in my Recolo group to explore web 2.0 and its applications in learning and teaching. We both seem to be on the same page and have gone away to think how we can introduce the concept into his VCE unit on the Cold War, which begins in Term 3, this is internally assessed. I have been thinking and wonder if we should just bite the bullet and go for an
assesement based on a facebook page, using twitter and a blog to record their processes? Methinks I will explore fb tonight, but it seems to me that they have the potential to establish their own group on fb, have discussion threads, use twitter for information and set up a blog to follow their process and progress.

I would be a nice opportunity to work with the girls if we ‘tandem’ taught and worked on this together. i will email this blog to Andrew tomorrow and see what he reckons. I will look at fb and will twitter this blog out and see who else has done a facebook page as the assesment (content to be assessed as well of course) I do think that the girls would be very pleased to try something like this.

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