new library home page and twitter

Tricia my boss and head of library service has been concerned about our website for some time. she has been working hard on the portal and our reading pages and wiki. this weekend i decided to have a look at our website and have ended up doing a cut and paste

What I have tried to do is look at the core fuction of the web homepage which is reading and information and make the site work on a one click.
the important reading sites such as the VPRCare on the front page as are the subscription internet resources sites such as the Age digital library and online encyclopedias. StudySkills is one click away, as are teacher resources and our weblinks page. This makes for a site that is very easy to navigate and has functionality and gives it a web 2.0 flavour.
As we are emphasising the book wiki i wondered if i might not see what Tricia thought about setting up a twitter which we could use to promote new books and information links. I have noticed over the last few weeks that the girls are now starting to get onto twitter. I quickly set up a twitter and have added some updates to give the tweets a bookish flavour. I like the idea of girls clicking onto the account and following us.

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