web 2.0 and professional learning

At my secondary college we have a training programme which includes self learning. My interest is in web 2.0 and its applications to learning and teaching, and as a TL whose line manager is on the learning and teaching committee of the school, I feel well placed to deliver on my own learning.
I feel my role is to help my colleagues look at web 2.0 and see how its applications and tools can help them meet the challenges of VELS. As such I am working with a colleague on a unit of VCE work. I have also set up a internal wiki which looks at web2 issues.
I am also mindful of how we as a library can communicate with our users
in a practical way so have suggested and set up a twitter account to be set on our websites front page.
Because I am enthusiastic about blogging, fb and twittering in general I am happy to spend my own time exploring blogs and twitters to find out how ppl are using these tools and finding very practical applications which I can then use on my wiki.
I calculated that I spend at least five hours on the weekend and one hour at work and one hour in the evening exploring web 2.0 to further my own knowledge and to find information to pass on to my colleages through my blog ,wiki and twitter personas.
My wiki at work is getting some attention and readers and I am also happy that I can use these mediums rather than send an email out to “all-staff”.

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