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Tricia has already forwarded this link to http://www.scootle.edu.au/ec/p/home Scootle which is the revamped website for the Learning Federation.  It is worth exploring and I believe that it will become much more influential in the future as a go to site for curriculum and web 2.0 tools

Exploratree is run by Futurelab UK. It contains interactive and
collaborative learning tools. ( http://www.exploratree.org.uk/)
your findings and thinking with
 The Exploratree web resource has been developed by Futurelab and emerged
out of our work on the Enquiring Minds project. It provides a series of
ready-made interactive ‘thinking guides’ or ‘frameworks’ which can support
students’ projects and research. Thinking guides support the thinking or
working through of an issue, topic or question and help to shape, define and
focus an idea and also support the planning required to investigate it
further. Exploratree guides can be used as a basis for whole class
discussion, or emailed to individuals or groups to complete. They can also
be used as a presentation tool to share

* The VCAA outlines good planning models and frameworks and teaching and
learning strategies. It is a web/print version that exploratree can be used
to augment.

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