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I enjoy reading Connections from SCIS, it generally has very good content that I can pass on to teachers. I sent a twitter out on twitter for librarians and why a library should be called library and not Learning Resource Centre

I have blogged on the staff wiki about the following article

Do you want kids to be safe online? Loosen those filters!

I am on a mission to spread the word that Draconian filtering at schools is a practice that produces negative outcomes. The time to speak out about such constraints is now!

I am challenging readers to make a New Year’s resolution to work for gaining more internet access for students and faculty members in K–12 schools.

This has long been a mantra with me, and I believe that, as time goes by, the stated reasons for such filtering become harder to justify. Let me hasten to say that I am not campaigning for frivolous surfing at the expense of bandwidth that should be used for educational purposes. I am talking about the kind of filtering, often banning any use of words deemed objectionable, that keeps kids and teachers out of so many great educational resources.  Read More here

The gist of the article is that as educators we must train to be safe and smart internet users and help students to search the internet with a constant and vigilant presence.

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