Creating a website for assessment

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Creating a website for assessment

Recently I Worked with Sue  in her VCAL class to create a website for a business.  Previously the students had mocked up a website using Microsoft Publisher.  I went into Sue’s classroom and introduced the girls to Google Sites which is a very easy site to use to create a website for educational purposes, one of its features being that the user can choose with whom the website is shared.

Google Sites also enable a simple structure and format which the students can easily follow particularly if they already have social networking skills.  By the time I had gone through the features of the site one student was already downloading photos to go on the pages she had created.  I have spoken to several of the girls and feel confident that once they got underway it has been an easy process for them.

I am very happy to go into the classroom and help you if you would like to create a website, a blog or a wiki for the girls to use as part of their assessment and presentation. I am very happy to discuss your assignments and consider which of these options would suit your needs best.  I can establish a wiki, blog or website for you; I can introduce the students to the site and stay with you in the classroom to support the students as they get underway.

It is appropriate to note that the eSmart committee has agreed that we recommend Google Sites for establishing a website, Global Teacher for blogging, and WikiSites for collaborative work.

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  1. This was interesting to read. I too have been playing around with Google sites in the wake of the Ning changes. We have decided to try it out for a geography site for students and invited experts. Just beginning to set it up and will probably post about it when we are ready to use it with students.

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