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This week following the lead of the Media Teacher I pulled down olmclibrary face-book page as he had pulled down his media page.

This was because of safety concerns.  A speaker on cyber-safety had spoken at the school and demonstrated that identifying a school is a danger to students who ‘fan’ the site.

Both of us have re-established our pages as a group which is invite only and private.  The groups name is anonymous in terms of identifying the school.  Both of us will need to build up the audience base we had to promote our services and useful links and information.  We have used the same branding as the media department.

As a school we have looked at using Face-book for assessment and concluded that wikis and blogs and googlesites were better Web 2.0 tools for providing collaborative and private assessment within and educational context.

It seems clear that with recent Face-book controversies about safety and privacy that if as educators  we wish use Face-book to communicate with our students it should only be done as a closed group with strict membership control.

2 thoughts on “Facebook and School based fan pages

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  2. An excellent solution to the privacy problem. I read with great interest the post about your Facebook group on the Bright Ideas Blog. I’ve seen private Groups used successfully on Facebook. Before it was blocked for staff and students at our school, we had our Head of English use the private group for year 12 English. The boys were already on Facebook every evening so it wasn’t like homework for them to interact with the teacher and each other within the English curriculum. Later they moved to a ning.

    My younger son attends Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, and during the heavy rain earlier this year their server went down, and the principal’s ingenious plan was to create a Facebook group in order to communicate with the students – mainly to let them know that they weren’t to come to school until it was safe.

    Personally, I love nings but am now investigating Google Sites as a free alternative. Good luck with all your Web 2.0 ventures.

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