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Over the holidays I decided to create a school Web 2.0 directory which I placed on the WikidLinks Wiki as well as sending out to all staff.  As reported earlier all Domain Face Book fan pages were deleted and new Face Book Groups with closed memberships were introduced under the Red Brick tag/ brand.

As well Domains are starting to use Wikis, I have created a wiki for the English department to showcase the students work.  A wiki for the year nine programme and am about to create a wiki for careers.  We are also have a cyber safety wiki  as we are working in partnership with the Alannah and Madeline Foundation to creat an eSmart school.

As well the Library is now using  / for book trailers and the Media Department uses YouTube to showcase students work.

It seemed an appropriate time to create a directory of the sites and showcase the work we are doing to the broader school community

external image logo_50x60.pngOLMC Library

Red Brick Library Twitter
Red Brick Library Face Book Page

Collaborative Work

cybersafety@olmc Wiki
Heidelberg Project Wiki
Red Brick English Wikitwitter_logo_header.pngolmc staff twitter

facebook.gifDomain Face Book Pages

Red Brick Media
Red Brick Drama
Red Brick Careers Face book Pageexternal image facdbook.jpg

olmcmedia.jpgOLMC MEDIA

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