Celebrations! an eye for literacy

Today I attended the final SLAV professional development day in partnership with the NGV.

As always it was great to catch up with old friends.  I found it amusing that delegates there, like me, were anxious to  meet online friends.  In that light it was lovely to meet TSheko who was a speaker on the same concurrent session as Tricia and myself.  Sadly I did not get to meet Kerrie Smith who was speaking on e-readers at another session a topic that I am deeply interested in at present.  PS having done my own research this is the e -reader that I have ordered online (gotta love that strong Aussie dollar).

Oliver Phommavhan http://www.oliverwriter.com/events/ was young and funny and very personable.  He is also doing very clever things in the classroom and I feel would be a great guest speaker for in-house prof. learning.

This was a delightful and enjoyable conference and the segment run by the NGV education unit were excellent.  I had already been investigating the programmes on offer for our Year 9s.  It is clear that the programme is influenced by visible thinking and promotes visual literacy in a variety of key learning areas across the curriculum.  A word to the wise book early.  I loved the session I attended where our group shared in a Chinese Tea ceremony, Zen painted and then enjoyed a trip to the Chinese Porcelain Gallery. This would be a delightful experience for any student.

This was the last conference to be organised by Mary Manning.  I have the greatest respect for Mary who has been welcoming and supporting since I have been working in Melbourne School’s.  She has made a great contribution to SLAV and our profession and I will miss her calm presence (altho you know that beneath the water that duck was paddling hard)

As for Tricia’s and mine presentation….watch this space

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