On Friday I accompanied a whole year nine excursion of our girls to  Reach in Collingwood to participate in the ‘Heroes’ day.  As a teacher, along with my colleagues and our students I feel energized by the experience we were given by this project.  I felt humbled and proud of our students and their response to the entire experience.  On a personal note and as an Expert Teacher Librarian I record that five of our students who showed great personal courage in going before an audience of 550 peers to expose their fears and their aspirations were students well known to me and whose natural  ‘home’ in the school is the library.  I think that as a team my colleagues and I can feel quite proud of the role that we have played in nurturing these five girls.

I also feel that as a school community we can take great pride in the fact that in my judgement every contribution made by our girls reflected and asserted the values of our school.  I am sure that this is a judgement that would be shared by every one of my wonderful colleagues who were there that day and one which we can as a whole school take massive collective pride.

This day was attended by a number of students and teachers from different schools including Braemer College and Caulfield Park Community School.  The teaching colleagues with whom I spoke to from these two schools can take, and showed great pride in their students.  I am grateful that we shared stories about our students from such wide and diverse backgrounds and how we shared enjoying watching all these kids shine irregardless of sector.

Having taught in the State, Independent and Catholic sectors I reflected on the different needs of our students and how they are best served by these sectors.  I witnessed a brilliant demonstration of how these three sectors meet and serve the needs of the students who have chosen to attend our particular sector.  In my humble opinion my school,  Braemer College and Caulfield Park can be very proud of how our students have represented the values of our respective schools.

I did not realise that this programme had been established by Jim Stynes, his presence as part of the programme as inspiring to me as any one of the students out there.

It takes massive organisation and professionalism to run a show like this and I would like to acknowledge the role of the Reach people in giving our students a show with a very powerful message.  This is a powerful shared experience for students and teachers and extremely well managed and one I recommended to colleagues in Melbourne and beyond schools.

As a teacher I feel energized by this quality educational experience, a moment when I feel pretty darn good about what it is that I do for a living.

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