Plagiarism, Citation and Pathfinders

Inspired by this story from the BBC, I thought that I would blog on how we are dealing with Citation.

Tricia has been leading the TL team in developing a scope and sequence for citation and its presentation to students.  This has been developed by looking at the curriculum maps of the Domains (Faculties) and identifying assessment tasks where we can teach skills.  This is done through the preparations of our pathfinders which can be found here

Les groovy librarian and I integrate the appropriate presentation and search tools and our style guides prepared by Tricia into the pathfinder which we then present to the class in either the library or the classroom.  Each introduction to our pathfinders is used to reinforce the need for citation, acknowledgment of sources, copyright, as well as effective learning, naturally we have worked also to provide the best sources of information.  The tools are integrated into the online pathfinders enabling students to begin their research from the pathfinder.

The pathfinder is then added into the subject curriculum maps so that the information is available for all subject teachers.

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