On starting a new Library Service

Just over a week ago I started a new position at MUFY.  The challenge for me is  to build a new library service in a new ‘high tech’ campus based in the City.

Here are some of the decisions made so far.

LMS: we are going with Liberty.  this was a no brainer and discussed by myself and the IT manager prior to my commencement.  The college uses Softlink and this means that we can integrate with other College programmes.  In keeping with the ‘high tech’ theme we will have RFID.  I also hope to have Syndectics.

Stock: I have budgeted for a stock of 2500 books by the end of the first year of operation.   This includes an attractive fiction stock to encourage a reading culture and support the English Language programme.  Stock figures are based on IFLA guidelines.

I have also been looking at our subscriptions to Professional Associations, Journals and online databases.

Another interesting choice for us is to consider whether we get a temporary Library Tech or look seriously at going ‘shelf ready’.  Here is an interesting presentation on buying in shelf ready rather than in house processing.  Watch this space

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