Creating an ICT curriculum (read social networking and digital citizenship

I have been asked to teach ICT to the year 10s and 9s this year as a new subject.  At the same time the school is moving over to a new curriculum mapping system via Atlas.

In the first week I laid out to the students that this was a new subject and asked them what they wanted to discuss.  Copyright issues in relation to downloading music and films, sexting, privacy and cyberbullying were the issues raised.

Working in an alternative school I have freedom to develop the curriculum and I wanted the students to contribute and share in the process in the first year.  It does seem that we are interested in the same issues which come under the broad heading of digital citizenship.

Sometime ago Thomas Tudehope (sp) a social commentator on Social Media suggested that schools have a responsibility to teach digital citizenship to students as part of the curriculum.  And this dear readers is what I intend to attempt.

Here are the topics I wish to teach to Years 9 & 10over this year

Copyright, Creative Commons, Open source, SOPA, ACTA

Cyber bullying, Cyber safety, Social networking, Identity fraud,

digital citizenship

I also wish them to learn the tools of Web2.0 to sift through information and collect and curate and to present.  I feel that the best way to do this is to use these tools as part of their investigation and assessment.

As we are using Googledocs we will use Google sites and the blog facility to record our progress and as our collaborative tool.

I would like to use prezi as an alternative presentation tool, survey monkey, and social media such as youtube and twitter to communicate a message. to curate information.

My proposal to the students will be that our purpose over the year is to gather information on these subjects for their peers and set up sites to inform and advise their peers.  In the case of the 9’s it will be their fellow students, for the 10s the challenge will be to set up a broader site for teenagers everywhere.

Our purpose will be to build up an integrated social media network to promote digital safety and citizenship teens all over the world.  We will assess our success in terms of blog comments, hits, retweets, thinking out to my colleagues and see what they think.

I will now thorugh

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