5 moments I am grateful @anitahieiss to be an educator

I had a moment on Friday x 5.  I was prepared and yet was still surprised when my colleague burst into the Queen of the Night’s Aria in the non fiction room.  My reading class, the kids in the computer room and many from the downstairs classrooms came up, as we gathered and settled.  Helen’s performance was mesmerizing, she can sing having been in the Melbourne Opera Chorus.

And we her audience were one as we settled and listened to this Aria sung by our Maths teacher perfectly and beautifully (I have recordings, I have seen the Magic Flute performed many times), I watched her act the piece and there was only her voice every student was engrossed and we were for a few moments one as we watched and listened.  Helen sang and I was only a metre away, dear reader, I thought that I would cry for the beauty of the voice and the moment.

Through the tedium and drudgery of doing the oh so necessary housework I have reflected on this all day.  What a moment x 5 and what a shared moment.  This is what I live for as a teacher, and as a human being.  Five minutes of beautiful and shared.

In reflection I think I should have filmed it, and then I thought one of the kids may have.  But I don’t recollect any of the students holding up their phones to record or video.  We were just captivated as one amorphous mass with a memory that I do not tink any one of us will erase.

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