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Dear colleagues,

The procedure with both the HS and the Age is that subscribers have to be individual.  We cannot bulk subscribe.

In the case of the Age I have placed an order for five copies for departments and the library.  I have provided 5 email addresses in the name of those who requested the school subscribe for their department.

The HS does not allow for purchasing by order number, I will order four  copies when I have a credit card to pay online.

All subscribers to the HS and the Age should be notified by email when their paper delivery will commence. I have not had that confirmation myself for the subscription based on my email address.  I understand that several colleagues have not received this email.

The newsagent should also supply information (generally on Wednesday) of additons to the subscriptions.  Can whoever brings the paper in or who opens the pack please leave the shipping details in my pigeon hole.

I will do my best to clarify with the newsagent who is registered as subscribers for the newspapers.  Then we will need to consider the outstanding subscriptions and follow them up.

Once delivery is sorted I will ensure that the copies of the Age and HS ordered by the school, including staffroom copy are appropriately marked and distributed.

It has been my past practice to remind and encourage teachers to renew their subscriptions towards the end of term 4, and to review and renew all school based subscriptions then.  This should make for a much smoother start to term 1 2013.

I thank you for the patience you have shown.


regards Michael

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