Controlling your own digital footprint

Teaching ICT and digital citizenship to students has made me aware of my own Google trail and how to best collate and link my own cyber projects.  I needed to rationalise the information that I had placed out on the web for the last five years.

Not only this but I had to maintain two identities, my professional one and that of Larry the Librarian for my ‘creative’ endeavours and passions and my life.

I have been with  Google for a long time and my first endeavours to curate myself were with Google sites. I have now archived this site and use a Wiki as my first port of professional call.  Here you can also link to my My media  My reading page and Study and research skills. These pages form the basis of any wikis or sites I create for a Library Home page,  TUMBLR is also a great tool for a Library Blog

I use Google Chrome as my browser and take full advantage of the apps, thus I use Blogger, Edublogs, TUMBLR, Twitter and FaceBook. For me Facebook is having a conversation with my friends and catching up.  Twitter is for my PLN, information and for shared passions such as reading.  I bless Twitter for the wonderful connections I have made.  TUMBLR allows me to post directly to Twitter and Facebook.

I maintain several scoop.its and can use the widget to curate stories and again send them to Twitter.  I can also go directly to my account through the extension on my toolbar. is  a great source of information and current thinking on many topics and thus well worth highlighting for students and colleagues.

Other Google Apps that I use include a CV creator (very handy atm) and which I use to publish my writing on the net.  Kindle enables me to push my writing and and longreads to my Kindle.

For myself with my passions and interests it is difficult to separate the personal from the professional but I do it as best I can and often think very hard about what I tweet or blog.



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