My #PLN in no particular order…


Australian high school teacher librarian interested in reading and using social media and gaming for learning.

Melbourne ·

Tania Sheko


Put me in a box and I’ll crawl out. Learner, thinker, teacher, librarian, online inhabiter.

Melbourne, Australia ·


Teacher Librarian in Melb. Australia; passionately aim to connect Young Adults & literature; recent exploration of Web 2.0 in ed’n has me totally hooked!

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ·


A teacher librarian who loves Web 2.0, keeping bees and making sourdough bread, and making her house sustainable

Melbourne ·


Teacher Librarian at Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC), Melbourne. Google Certified Teacher, Sydney ’11.

Melbourne, Australia ·


educator, learner, gamer, schemer, snowboarder, manager, State Library of Victoria, audiophile. Think sagacity. Fan of Japan.

Melbourne, Australia ·


Primary school teacher librarian, passionate about books, exploring technology, lifelong learner, dog lover and chocoholic

Melbourne, Australia ·


Teacher -Librarian from Australia – interested in developing learning communities, new ideas for libraries, new ideas for education.

Australia ·

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