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Great Science Links here from

Lindy Hathaway, Dickson College, ACT


100 useful websites for science teachers

A US focus but a comprehensive list for different levels.



Amazing amounts of science! Latest research and findings – news, articles, videos, images, books. Click a topic and see all the resources on that topic. “ScienceDaily is best known for showcasing the top science news stories from the world’s leading universities and research organizations. These stories are selected from among dozens of press releases and other materials submitted to ScienceDaily every day, and then edited to ensure high quality and relevance”.

Includes strange science news:


Scirus: the search engine for scientific information only

“Scirus is the most comprehensive scientific research tool on the web. With over 545 million scientific items indexed at last count, it allows researchers to search for not only journal content but also scientists’ homepages, courseware, pre-print server material, patents and institutional repository and website information.” (from the home page).

The home page has a link to the latest scientific news from New Scientist. Not all articles found on Scirus will be full text.


Ptable: An excellent interactive Table of Elements

iPAd app also available. Click on the element to reveal photos, videos, info.


ABC Science

Lots of good resources here – Explore by topic, In depth features, Quizzes and games.

Ask an expert – Email your questions:

News in science:

Science archive – Browse by topic or date:


Dr Karl – Intriguing science facts and trivia:



Cutting edge research and info from Aust.’s top scientific organisation.

CSIROpedia: Discoveries and innovations by CSIRO scientists and engineers.

Achievements A-Z:

Achievements by impact area (eg. environment; farming; health):

News @ CSIRO – Quick news & updates:

CSIRO Publishing – excellent resources:

Scienceimage – High quality science and nature images. Includes access to CSIRO’s database of film and video productions. “Every image held at the scienceimage site is supplied with a short caption, scientific notes, source and copyright information. This level of detail and dedication to scientific accuracy helps to make scienceimage one of the most valuable resources for scientific images online.”

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