Koha Resources

Koha Resources

Emilly Mcleay  blogs as geek/ librarian/ fangirl  on the Melbourne Koha Users Group Meeting

1st Australian Koha User Group Meeting : Melbourne (Vic), Thursday 26 April at 6pm at the Melbourne Athenaeum Library

Koha Wiki

@nzkoha The NZ group of Koha users

Home of the Koha Community

Koha Users Oceania

The following links relate to migrating to Koha are from Emilly Mcleay

VOKAL users guide: The Vermont Organisation of Koha Automated Libraries wrote a guide to help their libraries migrate to Koha, and it is super helpful, not least because a bunch of the libraries were using Follett software before they migrated, and Athena is Follett software.

Koha 3.6 Manual

Koha Mailing List Archives: there’s a good chance someone else has the question you have and it’s been answered on the Koha mailing list.

NExpress Tutorials: The North East Kansas Library System has a bunch of useful tutorials.

A Koha Diary: Arcadia Public Library System migrates to Koha and blogs all about it.

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