Copyright 4 Educators course for Australian educators

The next cycle of the Copyright 4 Educators course for Australian educators will run in August, with enrolments opening on July 15.  It’s free and will soon have endorsement with NSWIT and AITSL.


It is a seven week course run by the National Copyright Unit and covers the licences that Australian schools operate within, as well as Creative Commons and Open Education Resources.  Once you enrol, you are placed in a team of about four and each week you are given a copyright scenario and you have to use your knowledge, a set of readings and the Smartcopying site to provide an answer.

Depending on your existing knowledge and level of commitment, you can expect to spend a couple of hours a week on producing the answer which is shared with the group via Google Docs.  Teams are also allocated two other teams’ work to review each week and provide feedback.


If you want to look at the scope of the course then go to


I’ve just completed the course in conjunction with two other teacher librarians and found that it engaged me and that I learned so much. I think our responses also raised the bar and because we had a variety of other groups reviewing our work we also raised the profile of the role of the teacher librarian.


Happy to answer questions if you’re interested…





Barbara Braxton

Teacher Librarian

M.Ed.(TL), M.App.Sci.(TL), M.I.S. (Children’s Services) COOMA NSW 2630 AUSTRALIA Together, we learn from each other

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