Greeting students in the Library

Recently I was told that I should not be too friendly to students in the Library. As a teacher trained librarian I feel that there is much to show that engaging with students in the library as well as in the classroom has much benefit. There is a lot of information and advice about greeting students to the classroom, not so much about libraries.

Below are links to the articles that I have looked at regarding greeting students in the classroom

New study suggests that greeting students with a positive message yields benefits

Positive Greetings at the Door Proactive Classroom Management Procedure

Meeting and Greeting Students at the Beginning of Class

5 Simple Ways to Greet Students

All suggest that that greetings at the door of the classroom can have a very positive effect. Although there are many articles about encouraging use of the library and how to engage students to become readers I could not find similar advice for school librarians

I would suggest that acknowledging students as they enter the Library and positioning yourself by the exit door at the end of periods should be able to create the same effects for Libraries

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