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What a teacher librarian can do for you

What a teacher librarian can do for you


Study Skills (Ergo, Diigo)

Research skills
Learn how to improve your skills to get the best information and results.
Study skills
Learn how to stop procrastinating, reduce stress, and get ready for exams

Essay writing skills

Learn how to analyse your question, then plan and write a great essay.

Web 2.0 tools

Economics resources

Current Economics Short videos from the Khan Academy

Discussions of economic topics and how they relate to current events.

  1. Economics of a Cupcake Factory
  2. Cupcake Economics 2
  3. Cupcake Economics 3
  4. Inflation, Deflation & Capacity Utilization
  5. Inflation, Deflation & Capacity Utilization 2
  6. Inflation & Deflation 3: Obama Stimulus Plan
  7. Unemployment
  8. CPI Index
  9. Simple Analysis of Cost per Job Saved from Stimulus
  10. Unemployment Rate Primer
  11. Floating Exchange Resolving Trade Imbalance
  12. China Pegs to Dollar to Keep Trade Imbalance
  13. China buys US Bonds
  14. Review of China US currency situation
  15. Data on Chinese M1 Increase in 2010
  16. Data on Chinese Foreign Assets Increase in 2010
  17. Data on Chinese US Balance of Payments
  18. Chinese inflation
  19. Floating Exchange Effect on China
  20. Floating Exchange Effect on US

Business and Franchise websites

NAB business site

A word cloud of economic terms

Its a jungle out there

Its a jungle out there


Duck Duck go

Here is a new search engine featured on OZTL


In my early investigations, as I prepare a unit on Digital Tattoos (a term I picked up during my recent Personal Learning Network online course – GO State Library of Victoria!), I have looked at the search engine DuckDuckGo. I have learnt about search leakage, search bubbles (and filtering) and search tracking. This search engine does none of those things and you’ll notice its URL begins with an HTTPS (emphasis on the ‘S’).


It looks and feels clean, it seems to provide useful hits and when I emailed a suggestion to them a couple of weeks ago I received an Actual Response that sounded like it came from a human being. (My gentle complaint to them was that their logos – a la Google – do not offer one female example. I feel it is incumbent on me now to offer them some stunning options around which they can create some balance. Especially now.) I’m making an effort to use it more so I can confidently demonstrate it to my students and show them the straightforward tutorials offered when you click on the word “anonymously”.


I commend this search engine to you!


Joanna Durst

Regarding Duck Duck Go –

A fabulous search engine, which is very secure, Duck Duck Go has another fantastic feature – the Bang!

Placing an exclamation mark (known as the bang) and the initial letter of major websites takes you directly there and provides a secure search – e.g.

!g dogs will instantly bring up a search on Google for dogs. !yt is for YouTube, !a is for Amazon etc…

Another great reason to use Duck Duck Go!




Kay Cantwell