Professional development and Social Media

2007 and it all changed for us in Education. We had technology and with Facebook Social Media went mainstream and we had to adapt.

For professional development I was an early adopter of Twitter settling on the moniker Larry the Librarian. I could connect with librarians and educators, I was exposed to ideas and could share thoughts.

Somehow my Twitter feed has become a mish-mash and I now question its value as professional development. As a school librarian I regard this as very important for building up my VIT hours. I intend to remake my professional twitter account as an learning tool. I will expand on this further and outline my intent and results in a post..

Facebook is troublesome for privacy, data and security issues and its sheer might it concerns me. It can be a very useful professional tool but I wish to sort it out for personal reasons to make it a more useful social tool for me. A post will follow.

This leads me to LinkedIn and my professional presence. My third task this break is to tidy up my websites and look at how I am presenting myself. This will hopefully lead to a focused professional and social media focus. Resharpening the brand as they say.

read my tweets on using web 2.0 for learning and assessment (to lazy to blog over 140 characters LOL)

English Dept. going to use a wiki to showcase student work

Did a wiki for the Heidelberg Project – teachers are finally biting the bullet on web 2.0

developed a blog for the year 12 grls to discuss their ideas for the end of year theme

great assignment with VCAL grls developing a business website with googlesites. last year they mocked them up on MSPublisher

issues and twitter

I found this link on Twitter last night which i have added to my wiki for the teachers it is gold and i will use these

  • Directories (these are education- and elearning-specific): Jane Hart’s List of over 700 “Learning Professionals on Twitter, A community-kept google spreadsheet of educators (I wish I could remember who set it up – go ahead and add yourself!), Twitter for Teachers wiki
  • Twitter Groups: Edubloggers & Teachers
  • to use to get some more contacts.

    At present the Yr 12 girls are doing issues in VCE english.  Tricia and myself are working with the classes and introducing The Age digital edition, Echo Online and Electric Library.  We are also encouraging them to use Click View and incorperate film clips into their presentations.  For my international audience ROFL The Age is Melbourne’s quality newspaper

    an old dog learns new tricks

    While wittering about on twitter i found this link which i will place on my wiki tomorrow for the teachers.  It is …A teacher’s guide to twitter

    We are a school which is trying to involve teachers more in our portal and the tools that are available.  At present our wiki is within the portal only not an open wiki.  It is going to be hard work.  As TL I can involve myself in online learning – while my boss has to do all the admin LOL.  She is very supportive and is on the Teaching and Learning Group at school we work well together.  I am on the Web 2.0 group with the IT manager.  Between us we will move the school forward. 

    One thing that I figured out after listening to will richards was that i was directing students and teachers to static sites and that I needed to encourage them to take a collabertive (sp) approach to learning and information.


    The concept of the Ning was unknown to me before will richardson spoke about them.  Although I have alluded to them in my wiki I was intending to explore them later.  However I cam accross this article on the wikipedia article about nings and now i am not so sure. 

    As I am in the Catholic sector we have strong links with community charities and I was considering setting up a ning for one of the groups and sharing my experience through the wiki.  I will dig further.

    Maybe send a twitter out?