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Lots of good things to see & absorb……for us as well as students!


Q & A with Bill Gates

A very interesting Q & A last week from the Sydney Writer’s Festival…and this week a special Q & A with Bill Gates (ABC Tues 28 May 8.30pm). Bill Gates, once again the world’s richest man, Microsoft founder and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will answer questions from an audience at the University of NSW, with discussion on investment in global health & development. Gates is “a true global leader and champion for the betterment of society by tackling global health issues” – David Gonski. Gates will also meet with Julia Gillard for discussions on overseas aid.

The primary aims of the Gates Foundation are, globally, to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty, and in America, to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology. As of May 16, 2013, Bill Gates had donated US$28 billion to the foundation (Bloomberg report).


Other great shows coming up on ABC:

Whitlam: the power & the passion – Documentary; 26 May & 2 June 7.30pm.

Cliffy – 26 May 8.30pm. Stars Kevin Harrington as Cliff Young the potato farmer who won the Sydney to Melbourne ultramarathon in 1983.

Paper giants: magazine wars – 2 June & 9 June. Stars Rachel Griffiths as Dulcie Boling, editor of New Idea magazine, and Mandy McElhinney as Nene King, editor of Woman’s Day. The rival Murdoch & Packer empires battle it out for magazine supremacy in the 80s & 90s. The soundtrack will be great!


The great Gatsby – opens in Aust. 30 May The reviews might be mixed but the international audiences are loving it – Gatsby is currently top at the international box office. Go Baz!

Can’t wait to hear the soundtrack! “… this musical roller coaster mixes electronica, hip-hop and rock with jazz-age sounds into a breathy, sexy, dangerous, electric result.” – The Washington Post The album was produced by Baz Luhrmann and features original new music from artists that span several genres, including Florence + the Machine, The xx, Gotye, Sia, Jack White, U2, Beyoncé,, Fergie, and Jay Z. Lana Del Rey’s Young & beautiful is a musical motif repeated throughout the film. Bryan Ferry & his orchestra do Love is the drug 1920s style….go Bryan!

Great interview with Baz by Leigh Sales (8 min.). He reflects on the critics, risk-taking, how Australia treats celebrities, and the temptation to simply retire.

Looking forward to the stage musical of Baz’s Strictly Ballroom which will launch in 2014!


Blue Man Group

This innovative, entertaining performance troupe are performing in Sydney in August. The 3 blue men explore our world with a sense of wonder. There’s comedy, experimental music, great percussion & multimedia – but no singing or talking. The show is just awesome and would be great for students from upper primary to senior high – including drama, dance & music students. Themes include science & technology, art, connection to others, information overload, innocence, the outsider, following your bliss. I saw this show in Vegas and loved it and I’m going again!


Redfern now: series 2

The acclaimed first series won the Most Outstanding Drama award at the Logies. Series 2 will star Ernie Dingo, Aaron Pedersen, Steve Bisley & Craig McLachlan. Some season 1 characters will return – including Wayne Blair, Deborah Mailman, Leah Purcell. The 6 episodes will again feature “powerful, heartbreaking & uplifting stories”. Filming has just begun.


Man of steel

A reboot of the Superman series. The film reveals a darker, troubled Clark Kent, who feels alienated because of his special powers and struggles to find his place in life. Directed by Zac Snyder; stars Henry Cavill. Russell Crowe plays Jor-El, Superman’s biological father and a leading scientist on planet Krypton before its destruction. Trailers and SFX look impressive! Opens 27 June.



A new film adaptation is being made, starring Michael Fassbender as Macbeth and Natalie Portman as Lady Macbeth. Australia’s Justin Kurzel (Snowtown) will direct. The film will be set in the 11th century and use Shakespearean language. It will have significant battle scenes. The role of damn Spot is yet to be announced. To be released 2014.


The mortal instruments: city of bones

Based on the bestselling young adult urban fantasy book series by Cassandra Clare. Directed by Harald Zwart. Stars Lily Collins (son of Phil) as Clary Fray – the chosen one who battles evil forces in the New York underworld in order to save her mother. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the evil Destroyer. The second film will be City of ashes. The franchise could be as popular as The Hunger Games & Twilight films. Opens 22 August.


And if you haven’t seen Robert Downey Jr and his ironic Iron Man 3 yet…go see it! Good script, big SFX, we see Iron Man struggle with anxiety….and his suit. And Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin and Guy Pearce as the baddie. As good as The Avengers : ) Very entertaining!



Lindy Hathaway

Dickson College, ACT

Lost in a good book: The color purple by Alice Walker

Koha Resources

Koha Resources

Emilly Mcleay  blogs as geek/ librarian/ fangirl  on the Melbourne Koha Users Group Meeting

1st Australian Koha User Group Meeting : Melbourne (Vic), Thursday 26 April at 6pm at the Melbourne Athenaeum Library

Koha Wiki

@nzkoha The NZ group of Koha users

Home of the Koha Community

Koha Users Oceania

The following links relate to migrating to Koha are from Emilly Mcleay

VOKAL users guide: The Vermont Organisation of Koha Automated Libraries wrote a guide to help their libraries migrate to Koha, and it is super helpful, not least because a bunch of the libraries were using Follett software before they migrated, and Athena is Follett software.

Koha 3.6 Manual

Koha Mailing List Archives: there’s a good chance someone else has the question you have and it’s been answered on the Koha mailing list.

NExpress Tutorials: The North East Kansas Library System has a bunch of useful tutorials.

A Koha Diary: Arcadia Public Library System migrates to Koha and blogs all about it.

aggregate news sites

Here are some interesting sites that present or aggregate news – useful for senior students, global relations & journalism classes and for news items in many curriculum areas.  This list was prepared by Lindy Hathaway of Dickson College, ACT


Informative multi source news in a user friendly format. Different news sources and different media are provided for news items – select and compare them. Read news in categories – science, politics etc; add your own categories; save items to read later; share stories; choose local news. A good resource to compare world perspectives on a particular news item.

News items are ranked for credibility & personalised (with accounts). Mobile apps available.



Discover what’s happening around the world. Displays headlines on one side and a Google Map on the other which shows various news publishers of that headline. Zoom in and see who is publishing or search a location and see what’s happening there. Use the Mapfilter to search for specific kinds of news eg. tech news. Use the Search Cloud to see what the world is reading & writing about. Add your own sources. Includes a language filter.


BBC Live World Map

Worldwide – most popular stories now. Use left-hand menu to read news from world regions.



Multisource video news from around the world. 2 to 3 minute video clips of news items are read, amalgamating information from various global sources. The source of the information is credited as the item is read. Sources include Xinhua, Al Jazeera, New York Times, The Guardian, CNN, Human Rights Watch….Mobile apps available.



Museum of news and journalism in Washington, DC. Choose a location and read the headlines of selected newspapers from that country or region.



Collects outstanding new and classic non fiction articles of substantial length – proving that internet users do have the patience & attention spans to read in-depth materials. The site can also be browsed by categories eg. science, war, politics, arts & culture, editor’s picks etc Search the archive for topics, authors, time periods, publishers, tags. iPad app available.


Longreads: “the best long-form stories on the web”

Explore topics; new articles posted daily.


100 articles that every journalist should read about journalism

A useful resource for those interested in journalism; a 2011 project by students of La Trobe Uni. with global contributions.


Summly app for iPhones

Provides summaries of news stories & other text; swipe to see full article. 17 year old British developer Nick D’Aloisio: “We can really become the de-facto format for news on mobile. People are not scrolling through 1,000-word articles – they want snack-sized information.”


ABC News

Great resources on Aust’s own portal.

Easy to select news stories – choose a tab for text, video, audio or photos.

News in 90 seconds – video:

Top stories of the day – audio:

ABC NewsRadio – listen live:

Links to other ABC news programs – Big Ideas, 7.30, Foreign Correspondent, Four Corners etc

Links to other parts of the ABC website – Environment, Science, Health, Technology…


Australia Network

Part of ABC International, broadcasting to 46 countries across Asia & the Pacific.

Aust. Network News: National and global.

Includes Newsline, Australia Network’s flagship current affairs program – videos of news items range from 4 mins to 10 mins.

Also available: Learning English video programs for a range of levels – includes Passport to English, English Bites, Living English…


ABC Radio Australia

Radio programs from the ABC broadcast locally and to Asia/Pacific; news items; videos.

ABC Radio Australia: Learn English online

Learn topical Aust. English in context. Courses are offered with narration in Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Khmer; download audio and text lessons for free.




Science Links

Great Science Links here from

Lindy Hathaway, Dickson College, ACT


100 useful websites for science teachers

A US focus but a comprehensive list for different levels.



Amazing amounts of science! Latest research and findings – news, articles, videos, images, books. Click a topic and see all the resources on that topic. “ScienceDaily is best known for showcasing the top science news stories from the world’s leading universities and research organizations. These stories are selected from among dozens of press releases and other materials submitted to ScienceDaily every day, and then edited to ensure high quality and relevance”.

Includes strange science news:


Scirus: the search engine for scientific information only

“Scirus is the most comprehensive scientific research tool on the web. With over 545 million scientific items indexed at last count, it allows researchers to search for not only journal content but also scientists’ homepages, courseware, pre-print server material, patents and institutional repository and website information.” (from the home page).

The home page has a link to the latest scientific news from New Scientist. Not all articles found on Scirus will be full text.


Ptable: An excellent interactive Table of Elements

iPAd app also available. Click on the element to reveal photos, videos, info.


ABC Science

Lots of good resources here – Explore by topic, In depth features, Quizzes and games.

Ask an expert – Email your questions:

News in science:

Science archive – Browse by topic or date:


Dr Karl – Intriguing science facts and trivia:



Cutting edge research and info from Aust.’s top scientific organisation.

CSIROpedia: Discoveries and innovations by CSIRO scientists and engineers.

Achievements A-Z:

Achievements by impact area (eg. environment; farming; health):

News @ CSIRO – Quick news & updates:

CSIRO Publishing – excellent resources:

Scienceimage – High quality science and nature images. Includes access to CSIRO’s database of film and video productions. “Every image held at the scienceimage site is supplied with a short caption, scientific notes, source and copyright information. This level of detail and dedication to scientific accuracy helps to make scienceimage one of the most valuable resources for scientific images online.”

SLAV Be the expert: promote yourself with skill development

Many of our Victorian Teacher Librarian colleagues enjoyed Be the expert: promote yourself with skill development: a conference for all library staff presented by the School Library Association of Victoria at Etihad Stadium, Docklands.

Here is the slideshow from the Keynote Address Putting technology on trial by Hamish Curry – Education & Onsite Learning Manager Learning Services, State Library of Victoria

Managing your Kindles

Some Colleagues may not be aware of the Manage your Kindle function which can be found in the Amazon Tool bar.




When you click on the Manage your Kindle link you will go to your library




Go to actions and you will get this drop down menu

Go to the Deliver to my….and you should have a list of all the Kindles that are registered to your account.   You can use this facility to manage all your devices.
Colleagues are reminded that while Amazon allows sharing between five devices for personal subscribers,  the present copyright situation for Libraries is ambiguous.

George Orwell School aka IAMS

Islington Arts and Media College was once known as George Orwell School (and to me as Animal Farm) you can find its history here.

I worked there as  school librarian from 1992-1995, when it was identified as a failing school.  Our issues were lack of good facilities and resources, our socio economic base and the fact that 40% of our final year students had not been in the country at the beginning of the school year.   Our success in improving these students did not count against our GCSE results which were poor.  It is interesting to be part of the staff at a publicly identified failure in the rankings.

If fact we did a great result at raising our students abilities but we started from a low base, and in an area where education was not valued by large numbers of parents.

I lived in Islington and saw students every day, I also had the pleasure of seeing many of them studying still at City and Islington College where I worked before returning to Australia.

Those kids were tough, damaged and survivors and I learned to navigate this with humour and common sense and as always managed a popular library.  I will never be confronted again as I was working here. They were still great kids who needed the support that money can buy and that I discovered when I returned to teaching in Melbourne.

I had taught in schools without resources and where education was not valued and in moving to Melbourne I wanted to work in schools that could provide resources and an effective learning culture… and so I did

Those kids at George Orwell then would have done very nicely with some of those resources and support


Curating your own identity

Many people are writing on the impact of social media on so many fronts.  I have blogged here about how I try to control my digital imprint.

As a librarian I am fascinated by how useful our websites, blogs, facebook, tumblrs and twitter accounts will be useful in 200 years times as primary documents.

Future researchers will have a direct line to the voice of the people.  The  National Library is already collecting ‘dead’ websites such as the Sydney Olympics.  But who in fact controls our accounts, have we given over to Google, Facebook etc.  Will they own our digital imprint in a world where online retailers ensure that we do not own our digital product?

I like the thought that my website may be a source of veritable fascination for a historian or archivist.

Who has read The Book of Dave and not dreamed ….


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