Teaching kids to blog

On period 4 on Thursday I had been asked to present to two year 9 classes as part of our Horizon Programme, on blogging for 15 minutes to each class.

The students were being asked to blog in character as part of their allocated role in The Real Game.

In preparation I considered my presentation and direction of this discussion.  I discussed my approach with the groovy librarian who gave me the thumbs up.  Accordingly I paradoxically chose to present without the laptop  between me and the students and chose to talk to them about my passion for blogs,  I invited them to look at my own blog and that of the groovy librarian and see if we shared our passion for education through our blogs.  We talked about presentation and the importance of name.

In the second lesson I attended I was blessed that a student chose to share her blog and her passion for fashion with us and I was able to show how this girl had absolutely nailed all that I had said made for a entertaining interesting and informative blog.

It is interesting that my direction in each class went a different way each time.  As I had so much to share with the students that was fine.  You have to play to the crowd!

I will be place on the portal  mine and the groovy librarians blogs, and that of the students above plus two more interesting blogs which are directed towards this age group.  We will also place a presentation prepared by the GL.  We will be available to support classes as they begin working on their blogs this week.

In conversation with my colleague immediately before and after this lesson I  have had to consider what the ‘point of difference’ of my own educational blog is, and dear reader it is that I am sharing my thinking.

On period 4 on Thursday I had been asked to present to two year 9 classes as part of our Horizon Programme, on blogging.

Web 2.0 @olmclibrary

Following on from the facebook fan page and the twitter page Tricia and I had a discussion and we set up a reading wiki and an information wiki.  We will use these pages to communicate and engage with students and teachers.  we have created a new front page for the library on the School Intranet.  It looks something like this….

Welcome toWikidreading You can share your comments and ideas about reading and see what others have to say. In 2009, reading at olmc reached greater heights – more borrowing, more reviews, more discussion. Make sure you are part of this in 2010 Share your reviews here.

Welcome to the olmc library facebook page. Reviews, booktrailers, great links and more from olmclibrary for staff and students

Follow us on twitter for all your reading and information needs
http://wikidlinks.wikispaces.com/ for online resources, Web 2.0 and great links

Our core service is information and reading and we think we have it covered in this simple format.

I had my appraisal of my years self learning project on using Web 2.0 in the classroom and all went well.  My aim for next year is to work in the classroom more with teachers and students using practical web 2.0 applications in assessment and presentation.