Restorative Justice an Australian context


The Victorian Association for
Restorative Justice

The term “restorative justice” came to be used in schools during the 1990s as pilot programs of the Conferencing process were established in Australia and New Zealand, Canada and the US, the UK, South Africa, Scandinavia and elsewhere . In other words, the adoption of the language of “restorative justice” in schools is closely associated with the introduction of the Community Conferencing process.

Many school processes that are now seen as examples of “restorative justice” were not initially categorized that way. These processes include:

Peer mediation

Circles, peacemaking circles or circle time

Community Conferencing

Restorative justice approaches typically involve a process known as “conferencing”.


A restorative justice approach to bullying in schools

11 March 2002

In a report released today by the Australian Institute of Criminology, it was found that restorative justice is an effective response to bullying and victimization.


Bullying and victimization in schools: a restorative justice approach

This paper reports on a restorative justice program in a Canberra Primary School.


A paper on school violence and restorative justice: A QLD study in 2007 by Margaret Thorsborne.


Restorative Justice Programs

Marist Youth Care Education Services

The following newsletters are produced by the Marist Youth Care Education Services.


The Real Justice Organization

Real Justice Conferences, also called family group conferences, restorative justice conferences and community accountability conferences, originated as a response to juvenile crime. Conferencing is a new victim-sensitive approach to addressing wrongdoing in various settings in a variety of ways.


Terry O’Connell

Terry O’Connell is the director of Real Justice Australia.  Terry O’Connell is the Australia Director of Real Justice. He spent 30 years with the New South Wales Police Service and is best known as the ‘cop from Wagga Wagga’ who developed the Real Justice conference script.   Since 1990, Terry has made a significant contribution to restorative justice.  Instrumental in developing the Australian conference model…

Terry led a professional learning day at OLMC on the last day of term 1.

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for use by Australia’s Government, Catholic and Independent school communities.

Restorative Justice and School Violence: Building Theory and Practice by Brenda Morrison ,Center for Restorative Justice ,Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University