Welcome to the English Language Growth Resource:

Welcome to the English Language Growth Resource: 

Project summary

Support for this project has been provided by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council, an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

  • Module 1: Staying motivated about your English. Module 1 introduces students to the importance of one’s motivation and beliefs and how these factors can have an impact on one’s learning.
  • Module 2: Using your English. Module 2 introduces students to opportunities where they might use their English more and how to cope in these situations. This module also alerts users to consider how much they are actually using English in their day-to-day lives and how this might be increased.
  • Module 3: Studying in English. This module covers strategies of value for academic learning, such as, social strategies (learning with groups, friends, etc), cognitive strategies (actual ways to expand knowledge) and metacognitive strategies (ways to organise one’s learning).
  • Module 4: What your lecturers expect of you. In Module 4 advice is provided about the expectations of lecturers. This information focuses in particular on the value of time commitment and exposure to the discipline area through extended reading.
  • Module 5: Strategies for you to try. Module 5 is the longest module and includes strategies for improving the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). This module also includes a section on developing one’s vocabulary for better discipline understanding and information literacy.

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“Continual, Collaborative, on the Job Learning”

Continual, Collaborative, on the Job Learning” New Post
Will RichardsonWhitewillrich45Just Posted: “Continual, Collaborative, on the Job Learning” http://bit.ly/KnxOT

According to Will Richards being literate in this new learning environment requires more than knowing how to read and write, it requires us to edit, publish, collaborate, create and connect in the process of building our own personal learning spaces’


I met yesterday with Andrew who is in my Recolo group to explore web 2.0 and its applications in learning and teaching. We are looking at how to apply web 2.0 to his Unit 2, VCE History which looks at the Cold War covering topics such as the Cuban Missile crisis, the Vietnam War and the Berlin Wall. The unit begins in Term 3 and we are working to look at how we can work web 2.0 and the portal into presentation and content.


We have thrown up a few ideas and will be meeting soon to finalize an approach that we would like to take. By next meeting I need to explore with Andrew the skills and strategies that the Humanities Domain require from this unit, which will give me a greater idea of how we can go about it. However I would like to see a blog to follow the processes and twitter as an information source.


PS Andrew introduced me to a site worth a look. www.ted.com