enabling students to develop a website

During the term the Library had a VCAL display,including  websites created to promote a business.  These had been created on Microsoft publisher.  It occurred to me that we should actually beteaching the students in this unit of work to develop a website rather than attempt to recreate one.

Google sites is a very easy site to use to create a website for educational purposes, one of its features being that the user can choose with whom the website is shared.  By hosting and enabling the creation of non commercial websites there is a very good chance that students can have their preferred domain name.

Google sites also enables a simple structure and format which the students can easily follow particularly if they already have social networking skills.  For me it will be important that they understand a site map, and the two clicks approach.  I have used the programme myself to create a Resume website so feel confident that  that I can offer staff training and teaching in the classroom.

Tricia and I have discussed this and we will offer a training session after school for teachers and offer to work with teachers in the classroom on a lesson.