fb and webpages

My main issue this last week was looking at how to put a powerpoint presentation onto FB.  My colleague Andrew wants his students ppt. presentations to be uploaded to the facebook site they have developed for thier unit of study on the cold war.  Facebook does not allow for Ppt. to upload.

i sent out a call via Fb and twitter but no one had any answers for me.  The solution that I came up with was to save the ppt. as a jpeg file.  I was able to select all the slides in my presentation and save them as jpegs.  I then uploaded the photos to snapfish.  I was then able to add all the slides as a photo album on FB in one easy process. 

I also spent some time during the week with Tricia, my boss, looking at our homepage.  As we go further down the track it seems that we are using the design of the homepage to reflect our service priorities.  On Saturday, I worked through the content, and the draft site now has the content that we feel should be on the site.  We have added in sites, and deleted many sites as well.

We now seem to be sorted with content and function.  My next move now as I get more ambitious is to actually design the look.