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Library twitter

I have been looking at the library front page to give it a better look and to reflect the focus of our service which is reader development and information. Tricia, my boss, was happy with the functional approach and the draft site is now with the IT manager to see how it will fit within the portal structure.

I set up a library twitter which will sit on the frontpage. Tricia was happy with this as well so I am spreading word of mouth with the girls. We have 37 followers already! I am using to it provide updates on new books, events and good weblinks, book club etc. It will be great when we get our new frontpage up and the link is visible.

learning and teaching and the library

At my school i report directly to the Head of Library Service who along with the IT manager sits on the schools learning and teaching group, with the domain leaders, chaired by the vice principal for curriculum.
My Recolo training project is look at web 2.0 and its applications for teaching and learning, with a humanities teacher and the head of IT.

This structure enables the library to place itself in the core of curriculum and teaching and learning within the school. I can bring my ideas and thoughts to Tricia, with whom I collaborate and by whom I am guided, and she is able to place them within the wider school context.