read my tweets on using web 2.0 for learning and assessment (to lazy to blog over 140 characters LOL)

English Dept. going to use a wiki to showcase student work

Did a wiki for the Heidelberg Project – teachers are finally biting the bullet on web 2.0

developed a blog for the year 12 grls to discuss their ideas for the end of year theme

great assignment with VCAL grls developing a business website with googlesites. last year they mocked them up on MSPublisher

Web 2.0 @olmclibrary

Following on from the facebook fan page and the twitter page Tricia and I had a discussion and we set up a reading wiki and an information wiki.  We will use these pages to communicate and engage with students and teachers.  we have created a new front page for the library on the School Intranet.  It looks something like this….

Welcome toWikidreading You can share your comments and ideas about reading and see what others have to say. In 2009, reading at olmc reached greater heights – more borrowing, more reviews, more discussion. Make sure you are part of this in 2010 Share your reviews here.

Welcome to the olmc library facebook page. Reviews, booktrailers, great links and more from olmclibrary for staff and students

Follow us on twitter for all your reading and information needs for online resources, Web 2.0 and great links

Our core service is information and reading and we think we have it covered in this simple format.

I had my appraisal of my years self learning project on using Web 2.0 in the classroom and all went well.  My aim for next year is to work in the classroom more with teachers and students using practical web 2.0 applications in assessment and presentation.

Youth voices

I posted this information onto the staff wiki.  It was in a tweet

Here is an interesting site which enables students to present their work within a safe cyber environment

Welcome to our “colossal ongoing discussion about everything.” We invite you to join or log in to our site and to become a member of a growing community of K-12 students and teachers who are working together to nurture student-to-student conversations, collaborations, and civic actions that result from publishing and commenting on each others discussion posts, images, podcasts, bookmarks, and videos and VoiceThreads. Oh, and don’t forget to check out what’s on our minds, right now. Find out What’s Up? And, please let us know what you would like to see our students researching on this site. Add your questions and vote up the ones that you think are the most interesting. Finally, you can join our Chatroll here Youth Voices Live Community Home.

Library twitter

I have been looking at the library front page to give it a better look and to reflect the focus of our service which is reader development and information. Tricia, my boss, was happy with the functional approach and the draft site is now with the IT manager to see how it will fit within the portal structure.

I set up a library twitter which will sit on the frontpage. Tricia was happy with this as well so I am spreading word of mouth with the girls. We have 37 followers already! I am using to it provide updates on new books, events and good weblinks, book club etc. It will be great when we get our new frontpage up and the link is visible.

new library home page and twitter

Tricia my boss and head of library service has been concerned about our website for some time. she has been working hard on the portal and our reading pages and wiki. this weekend i decided to have a look at our website and have ended up doing a cut and paste

What I have tried to do is look at the core fuction of the web homepage which is reading and information and make the site work on a one click.
the important reading sites such as the VPRCare on the front page as are the subscription internet resources sites such as the Age digital library and online encyclopedias. StudySkills is one click away, as are teacher resources and our weblinks page. This makes for a site that is very easy to navigate and has functionality and gives it a web 2.0 flavour.
As we are emphasising the book wiki i wondered if i might not see what Tricia thought about setting up a twitter which we could use to promote new books and information links. I have noticed over the last few weeks that the girls are now starting to get onto twitter. I quickly set up a twitter and have added some updates to give the tweets a bookish flavour. I like the idea of girls clicking onto the account and following us.


Today I have set up a twitter for the staff – check out  However I am still working to set up a list of educators to follow.  I thought about deleting some of the ppl that we have been assigned to follow but thought it best to leave them in so that staff here can understand the randomness that is twitter.  As soon as I have added some interesting educators I will launch the twitter on the web 2.0 wiki