“Continual, Collaborative, on the Job Learning”

Continual, Collaborative, on the Job Learning” New Post
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According to Will Richards being literate in this new learning environment requires more than knowing how to read and write, it requires us to edit, publish, collaborate, create and connect in the process of building our own personal learning spaces’


I met yesterday with Andrew who is in my Recolo group to explore web 2.0 and its applications in learning and teaching. We are looking at how to apply web 2.0 to his Unit 2, VCE History which looks at the Cold War covering topics such as the Cuban Missile crisis, the Vietnam War and the Berlin Wall. The unit begins in Term 3 and we are working to look at how we can work web 2.0 and the portal into presentation and content.


We have thrown up a few ideas and will be meeting soon to finalize an approach that we would like to take. By next meeting I need to explore with Andrew the skills and strategies that the Humanities Domain require from this unit, which will give me a greater idea of how we can go about it. However I would like to see a blog to follow the processes and twitter as an information source.


PS Andrew introduced me to a site worth a look. www.ted.com

transparency on the web

From Will Richardson

In Gary Hamel’s recent piece in the Wall Street Journal, The Facebook Generation vs. The Fortune 500, he writes

Contribution counts for more than credentials. When you post a video to YouTube, no one asks you if you went to film school. When you write a blog, no one cares whether you have a journalism degree. Position, title, and academic degrees—none of the usual status differentiators carry much weight online. On the Web, what counts is not your resume, but what you can contribute.